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ady, I know it was hard, but it's much harder to ignore,
here is a chance and I'll promise, I won't hurt you anymore.
ollywood nights we're romancin', you can trust me anytime,
omewhere,oh babe,there's someone, oh,you're dancing in my mind.

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e have a dream
you´ll win tonight
ake the chance, take the chance, god is on your side
e pray for you, you´re like a hurricane

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eep in my heart, there´s a fire burning heart.
eep in my heart, there´s desire for a start.
´m dying in emotion, it´s my world in fantasy
´m living in my, living in my dreams

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Садем здугниде аггортами, гаг угасано нише,
и начинайде бедь и икрадь, гаг опычно.
eep in my heart there´s a fire burning heart

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